Consult to establish new enterprises with foreign investment capital, to open Branches or representative Offices of foreign business entities in Vietnam. Consult and performing procedure to establish enterprises ,open Branches, Representative Offices,and Business Locations in Vietnam. Legal consultation on business reorganization such as division, separation,  consolidation, merger, transforming and M&A for Limited Company and Joint-stock Company: (Divide or seperate Limited Company, Joint Stock Company; merger Limited Company, JSC; transforming from Two member and more Company Limited into One member Limited or Limited Company into JSC). Consult, prepare, and conduct regular or irregular Meeting of Shareholders’ Council and Member’s Council. Consulte  on the amendments  of Business Registration Certificate, Investment Certificate, Certificate of operation



    Investigate and analyze  market and  business environment: Providing information, data about the investment actual situation and a regulation, State Law are applying for some investment fields so an Investor will have a basic to decide. Investigate and analysize Searching, collecting partners, introducing investment location (land lease location, factory): Providing information and legal consultant about the partner, associate, introducing partner and investmen location for your choices and decide. Consulting, drafting document for planning an investment project, performing procedure for the issuance of Investment Certificate, amending  Investment Certificate cfor domestic and foreign investors. Consulting and performing procedure for investment incentives (tax promotion, exempt  and reduce land leased fees …): consulting promoted regulation of the State and region for i



    Introduce location for  land lease, Land allocated to perform Investment Project required by organization, individuals. Consult and assist in transactions related to land lease and land allocation for  Investment Project.  Consult on transfer, lease, sublease, inherit, mortgage land use rights, real estate of organization, individuals. Perform administrative and legal procedures under authorization. Consulting procedure to transfer  land-attacted asset. Consulting, broker and evaluate real estate.  



    Provide legal consultation on Civil Contract – Trading – Construction – BCC Engage in negotiation on Civil Contract – Trading – Construction – BCC Draft and edit Civil Contract – Trading – Construction – BCC Provide consultation on civil disputes about   Civil Contract – Trading – Construction – BCC Train and guide enterprises, organizations and individuals in  drafting and evaluating contracts  



    Consult and deal  with business – trade conflicts, marriage and family, civil, land, debt withdrawal: – Represent client  in negotiation; – Prepare legal documents for litigation; – Represent clients in front of the court; – Appoint lawyers to protect clients’ legitimate rights and interests during the resolution of civil cases and support the implementation of civil judgements Appoint lawyers to protect the rights of victims, defend the accused and defendants in criminal cases from investigation,  prosecution to trial process.



    With our long-term success in merging and acquisition for both domestic and foreign enterprises, CABAS is confident in providing legal service on: Perform business valuations in preparation for  M&A; Consult and assess all legal documents of enterprise such as but not limited to: Business Registration Certificate, Investment Certificate, Land use right Certificate, shareholders and  capital contribution members of Company, labor matters, social insurance, credit contract, accountant documents… Assist in independent audit and require tax department to draw a balance sheet if necessary; Consult and operate Member’s Council Meeting and General Meeting of Shareholders to approve an M&A; Analyze and consult to choose an appropriate M&A model based on enterprise situation to avoid risks and other unnecessary fees; Negotiate and draft Buy and Sell agreements  an



    We provide solutions and assist customers in the following procedures to register and protect trademarks, inventions, utility and industrial designs (in following procedures to register and protect intellectual property rights in different branches)       Trademark: Consult on trademark protection registration in Viet Nam and abroad. Assess and consult on trademark registration possibility in Vietnam. Support and enforce trademark protection rights: investigate, monitor, negotiate, prosecute lawsuit, or request authorized agencies to handle trademark infringement in Vietnam and abroad. . Negotiate, draft, evaluate and register contracts of transferring usage rights or trademark ownership in Vietnam and abroad.; .   Invention, utility and industrial  design Consult and register protection for patents, useful solutions and industrial designs in



    CABAS consults legal aspect related to management and using labor, labor contract, social insurance, labor disciplines, occupational safety and hygiene. Consulting legal aspect related to management, using labor, labor contract, social insurance, labor disciplines, occupational safety and hygiene of enterprise. Drafting, editing, support to register collective bargaining, Labor Disciplines, Labor Contract, hiring Director/General Director Contract according to customer’s requirments. Legal consulting about employees working abroad and enteprise exporting labors. Consulting procedure for the issuance of Labor License for foreigner employees in Vietnam Consulting procedure for the issuance of Labor Sublease’s License, Exporting Employees License. Dueling with Labor disciplines, labor conflicts, strikes… Appointing Lawyer to protect a legal rights and interest of emplo