30 Tháng Bảy, 2020

We provide solutions and assist customers in the following procedures to register and protect trademarks, inventions, utility and industrial designs

(in following procedures to register and protect intellectual property rights in different branches)

  1.       Trademark:
  • Consult on trademark protection registration in Viet Nam and abroad.
  • Assess and consult on trademark registration possibility in Vietnam.
  • Support and enforce trademark protection rights: investigate, monitor, negotiate, prosecute lawsuit, or request authorized agencies to handle trademark infringement in Vietnam and abroad. .
  • Negotiate, draft, evaluate and register contracts of transferring usage rights or trademark ownership in Vietnam and abroad.; .


  1. Invention, utility and industrial  design
  • Consult and register protection for patents, useful solutions and industrial designs in Vietnam and internationally.
  • Preliminary assess and give consultation on  protection registration possibility in Vietnam.
  • Extend validity and record changes


  1. Copyrights
  • Consult on foundations, establishments, changes and terminations of copyright/related rights.
  • Consult and implement   procedures   for  copyright/related rights registrations.
  • Consult and represent clients in negotiating and drafting copyright license agreements, copyright transfer agreements and other contracts related  to copyright /related rights.
  •  File complaints on certification of copyright / related right.


  • 4.         Handle intellectual property infringement 
  • Request authorized agencies or organizations to assess and give opinions on infringement of intellectual property.
  • Request  organizations/individuals at fault to stop the infringement.
  • Request authorized agencies/ organizations to deal with the infringement.