5 Tháng Tám, 2020

With our long-term success in merging and acquisition for both domestic and foreign enterprises, CABAS is confident in providing legal service on:

  • Perform business valuations in preparation for  M&A;
  • Consult and assess all legal documents of enterprise such as but not limited to: Business Registration Certificate, Investment Certificate, Land use right Certificate, shareholders and  capital contribution members of Company, labor matters, social insurance, credit contract, accountant documents…
  • Assist in independent audit and require tax department to draw a balance sheet if necessary;
  • Consult and operate Member’s Council Meeting and General Meeting of Shareholders to approve an M&A;
  • Analyze and consult to choose an appropriate M&A model based on enterprise situation to avoid risks and other unnecessary fees;
  • Negotiate and draft Buy and Sell agreements  and other documents for a M&A transaction.
  • Perform other related legal procedures to complete a M&A transaction.
  • Consult and support other related works to ensure the transaction is  legitimate, risk-free and cost-effective.