13 Tháng Sáu, 2017

Receving invitation of ECAP Company Limited, Lawyer Cao Ba Trung has protect a legitimate rights and interest of ECAP in the case “Processing contract Disputes” with Kaiyang Viet Nam Company Limited (having 100% Taiwan’s capital) in Hai Phong City.


According to a lawsuit petition dated 12/11/2012, ECAP Limited has instituted case to require Kaiyang Viet Nam Limited pays all the ingredients that ECAP have delivered Kaiyang to process 41 shoes sample. However, Kaiyang processed 19 error samples, eight of them have been moulded. ECAP requires Kaiyang to pay an compension accounting for 20.177.687.520 VND.
This case has been accepted by Hai Phong City’s Court from 28/01/2013 and brought to trails on 28/01/2015. However, Hai Phong City’s Court has denied the petition of ECAP Limited Company.
Strongly disagree with the decision of Hai Phong City’s Court, ECAP Limited decided to appeal all the contents of the First-instance judgments of Hai Phong City’s Court . On 20/4/2015, Hanoi Supreme Court has accepted the case for appellate trial.
On 10/4/2017, Hanoi Supreme Court has brought case to trial. Accordingly, the Court has partly accepted a lawsuit petition of ECAP Limited, require Kaiyang Viet Nam Limited to pay all the ingredients that ECAP delivered to Kaiyang Viet Nam accouting for 625.824 USD which equivalent to 13.965.888.000 VND, The Court does not accept an compesion of more than 6 billions dong according to a lawsuit petition.
Acquiring this results is an effort, responsibilities, and experiences to chase a case of Lawyer Cao Ba Trung and the trust of ECAP Limited within 05 years.