5 Tháng Tám, 2020

Investigate and analyze  market and  business environment: Providing information, data about the investment actual situation and a regulation, State Law are applying for some investment fields so an Investor will have a basic to decide.

Investigate and analysize

  • Searching, collecting partners, introducing investment location (land lease location, factory): Providing information and legal consultant about the partner, associate, introducing partner and investmen location for your choices and decide.
  • Consulting, drafting document for planning an investment project, performing procedure for the issuance of Investment Certificate, amending  Investment Certificate cfor domestic and foreign investors.
  • Consulting and performing procedure for investment incentives (tax promotion, exempt  and reduce land leased fees …): consulting promoted regulation of the State and region for investment and procedure, conditions to entile the State promotion.
  • Project transferring, dividing Project…
  • Transferring assets attached with land use rights…
  • Consulting procedure for the issuance of  Abroad investment Certificate.