13 Tháng Sáu, 2017

On 01st June 2017, INCIP Law and Investment Consultant Company Limited, one units of INCIP Law Firm has decided to separate. During 11 years of existence, the founding Lawyers were always united to build INCIP Law to become more and more develop Company from the beginning. The separation is an inevitable rule after 11 years of sticking without any contradiction



Now, INCIP Law Firm has separated into 03 units, in which Lawyer Vu Van Thieu took over INCIP Partnership Law Firm and INCIP trade-mark. Lawyer Cao Ba Trung managed INCIP Law and Investment Consult Company Limited, INCIP Auction Company Limited and changed its name into CABAS. Lawyer Mai Duc Tan established Newlaw Law Firm.

Lawyer Cao Ba Trung has officially withdraw 50% of the capital contribution in INCIP Law Firm from the end of May 2017 and established CABAS LAW. For this reason, from 01st June 2017, CABAS LAW has officially appeared on the basis of changing name from INCIP Law and Investment Consult.
With more than 15-years of experiences, belong with personal prestige and professional knowledge, CABAS lawyers are confident that we will continue to provide quality legal services to our clients in the future.

Founding Lawyers of INCIP Law firm believe that after the separation, each person will develop more base on their personal abilities