5 Tháng Tám, 2020
  • Consult to establish new enterprises with foreign investment capital, to open Branches or representative Offices of foreign business entities in Vietnam.
  • Consult and performing procedure to establish enterprises ,open Branches, Representative Offices,and Business Locations in Vietnam.
  • Legal consultation on business reorganization such as division, separation,  consolidation, merger, transforming and M&A for Limited Company and Joint-stock Company:
  • (Divide or seperate Limited Company, Joint Stock Company; merger Limited Company, JSC; transforming from Two member and more Company Limited into One member Limited or Limited Company into JSC).
  • Consult, prepare, and conduct regular or irregular Meeting of Shareholders’ Council and Member’s Council.
  • Consulte  on the amendments  of Business Registration Certificate, Investment Certificate, Certificate of operation of Branch, orRepresentative Office due to changes in  head office address, transferring capital contribution, business lines, company’s name, Legal representative of the Company, etc.
  • Licenses for conditional business lines: Wine Business License, Tobbaco Business License, Certificate for conforming with order and security conditions, Certificate for food safety hygiene, Transportation Business License, License for sub-leased employees andPostal Service License.
  • Consult, draft and edit Regulations of enterprises management and organization. such as  Charter; Regulation on Meetings of Member’s Council, Shareholder’s Council or Board of Management; Regulation for organization of  Board of Management;  Regulation for organization of Director/ General Director  ; Regulation on organization of Control’s Board; Financial Regulation; Regulation on shareholder management and transferring shares, etc.