• Recruiting 02 legal counselors

    Recruiting 02 legal counselors

    Job description: Perform tasks as assigned by the Director and the lawyer in charge such as researching and evaluating legal documents, proposing workaround solutions, contacting competent State agencies and customers to get things done Required - Graduated from university with a major in formal law; - Honesty, dynamism, learning spirit; - Has team spirit, ability to work in groups; - Passionate about the profession of lawyer and desire to practice law long-term. Priority - Persons who have a lawyer card / law practice certificate or have passed a lawyer training course; and - People with experience in law. - Ability to use English fluently (listening, speaking, writing). Application file includes: - Cover letter; - Autobiography resume; - Copy of university degree majoring in formal law; - Copy of university transcript; - Copies o



    Job description: - Research case files - Regular or case-specific legal advice to customers - Participate in the proceedings and litigation in court Request: - Having obtained a law practice certificate or a lawyer's card; - Having 03 years or more experience in the field of law; - Honesty, dynamism, learning spirit; - Ability to work independently and work effectively in teams; - Passionate about the practice of law and desire to practice law long-term; Priority: Ability to use English fluently Salary: 10 million - 20 million (hard salary). - In addition to the hard salary, they are also entitled to a commission (15% - 20% / case). Other benefits: - Ensuring full coverage of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes, benefits, leave and public holidays in accordance with the law. - Being trained to improve pro

  • Recruit 01 administrative employee

    Recruit 01 administrative employee

    Works Description: Office reception; Receiving customer’s call, receive and send official correspondence; Preparing office stationery, buy devices, assets; Booking ticket, working schedule for Lawyers; Submit reports related to: Tax, social insurances; Writing VAT Invoices and other simple tax report. Other related works. Requirements: Graduted accountant majors; Good looking; Honest, quickly, desire to learn; Having at least 1 year of experiences; Arriving to work 15 minutes sooner; Dossiers Job Application; Cirriculum vitae; Graduation Certificate (Accounting Major) ; Medical report; Duration:Before 15/07/2017 Dossier sent to email cabas@cabas.vn.