28 Tháng Bảy, 2020
  • Job description:

– Research case files

– Regular or case-specific legal advice to customers

– Participate in the proceedings and litigation in court

  • Request:

– Having obtained a law practice certificate or a lawyer’s card;

– Having 03 years or more experience in the field of law;

– Honesty, dynamism, learning spirit;

– Ability to work independently and work effectively in teams;

– Passionate about the practice of law and desire to practice law long-term;

  • Priority: Ability to use English fluently
  • Salary: 10 million – 20 million (hard salary).

– In addition to the hard salary, they are also entitled to a commission (15% – 20% / case).

  • Other benefits:

– Ensuring full coverage of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes, benefits, leave and public holidays in accordance with the law.

– Being trained to improve professional skills.

  • Recruitment: Interested candidates please send CV with photos to the address:
  • Title: [CABAS 2020] Apply for a Lawyer position